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Helen's® Tropical-Exotics brings a taste of the islands to your table. For those seeking a Jamaica Jerk flavor profile we provide the highest quality Jamaican Jerk seasonings, pastes, marinades, spice blends, and sauces to liven up your signature dish. Helen's Tropical-Exotics has the products to bring the Caribbean to you.

Jerk Seasoning has a combination of herbs and spices, scallion, thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg, scotch bonnett pepper (among the hottest peppers on the Soville Scale) cayenne pepper and Jamaican pimento equivalent to all spice. Jamaican pimento gives your chicken, pork, fish, and vegtable recipes that secret zing due to the Jamaican volcanic soil.

Jerk spice is normally very hot but the jerk spice combination from Helen's Tropical Exotics using the same ingredients but in a different proportion makes your food very delectable. Our blend is not quite as hot as most jerk seasonings. It's a milder warmer version. This spice combination is very addictive.

Information And Tips On Jerk Seasoning

Pork, chicken and also vegetables can get spicier utilizing an exotic jerk seasoning. It comes from Jamaica and is basically a way of marinating with a hot mixture of ingredients. The flavours and the fire of the seasoning comes from two prime ingredients which are allspice, referred to as pimento in Jamaica and Scotch bonnet peppers which can be incredibly hot and eye watering if used as part of any recipe.

The term jerk is in reference to the marinade and its ingredients and to the technique used to cook and prepare dishes like jerk chicken. It can be a useful technique which can be applied to foods that are rich in protein like pork, chicken, fish and goat. Tradition dictated that it was cooked over charcoals in a steel drum and grew in popularity through those who sell foods on the street in the Caribbean.

This style of cooking and preparing is a central part of the culture of islands such as this and Jamaica has become renowned for it. It might be because of the more laid back approach to interaction people have and the way food can be part of social interaction. It is a method which is simple and cooking and preparing this way can result in tasty, nutritious food.

The other ingredients include cinnamon, thyme, garlic, salt, cloves, pepper and scallions. When applied to meat it should then be left overnight so that you can obtain the best results from it. This helps for you to get the best out of the tropical flavours.

Thyme leaves which are fresh should be used so that the natural aromatic oils and the particular taste that combines well with the others. This can also change the type of texture you get and is a main reason for it being commonly used with other traditional foods for Jamaicans.

There are several marinades that exist which are ready made that can be used and it is something that is being prepared worldwide more often as they become aware of this style of cooking. Serving jerk chicken or fish of this nature is good for parties and barbecued and is used by people from a range of age groups who enjoy having fun spent with others.

Chicken thighs which are fresh are the best food for the marinade to be applied to. The meat from the thigh has a good amount of flavor that really goes well when jerked with the varied recipe. Add it and then cover it in a bowl and put in the fridge for a period of twelve hours at least. Once that's done grill or barbecue at your own pace.

This is one of a range of dishes that can be prepared by you using ingredients which are fresh and will help you and the people you care about to have nice food. To achieve results that are the best cook when you are in a good mood as this shows through in the food.


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