Jerk from Jamaica Cookbook: Barbecue Caribbean Style
Jerk from Jamaica Cookbook: Barbecue Caribbean Style
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Those who have never sampled Jamaican cuisine have no idea of the great variety of flavors and textures offered by this Caribbean island's cuisine. An amalgam of native, British, Indian, and a bit of Chinese influence, Jamaican cooking satisfies on a deep level. Although some Jamaican dishes, such as curry goat, take some experience for North American palates to appreciate, jerk pork and chicken immediately appeal as especially fragrant, if spicy, versions of familiar barbecue. Willinsky deftly offers instructions on how to re-create Jamaican jerk on any backyard American grill by using a paste of herbs, allspice, and hot pepper. Creating this homemade rub allows the cook to adjust the spiciness to an appropriate heat. Willinsky offers recipes for a full range of Jamaican specialties including rice and peas, fried plantains, and ginger beer. She also explains how to make Jamaican meat patties, certain to be a hit at any potluck.
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